Bingo Bingo


We had our own "XXXXXXL BINGO MACHINE" made in the USA. The ultimate eye-catcher!

In addition, we play with the most modern bingo cards worldwide! Without pencil and without paper!

Bingo is an exciting game of chance played all over the world. Centuries ago, similar games similar to today's bingo were known in Asia. And in the USA, bingo has been considered a kind of popular sport for decades. Bingo brings people together. Anyone can win. Everyone has the same chances, regardless of whether they are muscle men or spageltarzan, whether they are strong athletes or couch potatoes. We will play the game personally in an exciting way with the staff after the meal. Anyone who knows us knows that this will be very funny. "Benno", our Mister Bingo, ensures excitement and funny interludes with a lot of energy.

Having fun should always come first. We bring all prizes with us, these are not commonplace. It is primarily about having fun and an excellent, entertaining form of entertainment. Look forward to a fun, exciting bingo chat with your employees.


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