Doubles and Lookalikes


Doubles and Lookalikes

The world of doubles and groups in this segment is extremely versatile and offers a wide range of possible uses. They are not only an eye-catcher at trade fairs, where they can attract the same attention as in trade promotions, industrial advertising or live performances, but they are also used in semi-playback shows and provide entertainment and excitement.

For many years we have built and maintained close relationships with the best doubles worldwide. It is fascinating to know that almost every famous person has their own professional double. Our extensive customer database contains over 1 such doubles who impress with their astonishing resemblance to their role models.

These doppelgangers are more than just copies of their famous counterparts; they embody the personality and character of their role models in a unique way. Their ability to faithfully imitate gestures, facial expressions and the way they speak makes them indispensable actors in a wide variety of settings.

Whether it's communicating a brand message at a trade fair, supporting a product presentation or adding a touch of celebrity to an event, these lookalikes are the perfect choice. Their presence adds a special touch to any event and draws attention.

Through our many years of experience and expertise, we have built up a network of Doubles and Lookalikess who stand out not only in their appearance, but also in their professionalism and commitment. We are proud to work with the best Doubles and Lookalikess in the industry and to offer our customers the highest level of quality and authenticity.

The examples in our customer database show impressively how convincing these doubles are and how they can help make events and projects a success. From Hollywood stars to politicians to sports legends – we have the right double for every occasion and every requirement.

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Here are a few examples of popular Doubles and Lookalikess. These are all doubles. Unbelievable - isn't it?