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Event record

Thank you !

Here you see some event record we have organised the last years. For discretion reasons we cannot mention all. Some pictures you will find here
We say thank you and looking forward to the next projects

Grand Casino | Baden VIP Event with “Hot Chocolate” Original cast
KONE Schweiz | Brütisellen und Sion Summer festivals. Overall organizations.
Fisch Beratungen | Zürich Summer festivals. Overall organizations.
Betterhomes Schweiz Summer festivals. Overall organizations. Luzern
Betterhomes Schweiz VIP Incentive Travel Formula 1 Valencia Race. Overall organizations.
Grandcasino | Baden VIP Event with “Earth, Wind & Fire” direct from USA.
Avelarenergy International | Zürich Christmas dinner with world star KT Tunstall from England
Binelli & Ehrsam AG | Zürich Christmas dinner with Show programs
Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein | Vaduz Christmas dinner with Show programs
Mylan Schweiz | Zürich Christmas dinner with Show programs
Mettler Toledo | Urdorf Christmas dinner with Show programs. Overall organizations.
Hubacontrol Schweiz AG Christmas dinner with Show programs. Overall organizations.
Sada AG Christmas dinner with Show programs. Overall organizations.
Migros Liegenschaften-Betriebs AG Christmas dinner overall organizations.
Landi Basel Christmas dinner with Show programs.
Swissgrid Schweiz AG Christmas dinner with 350 people. Overall organizations.
Implenia Schweiz AG Christmas dinner with 300 people. Overall organizations.
Kone International Zürich Christmas dinner with 200 people. Overall organizations.
Kone International Sion Christmas dinner with 150 people. Overall organizations.
KPMG Schweiz AG Christmas dinner with 450 people. Overall organizations.
B+P Baurealisation AG Christmas dinner with 200 people. Overall organizations.
Stiftung Pro Leibstadt Comedy evening with OROPAX
Einkaufszentrum La Chaux-de-Fonds Harley Davidson Exhibition
PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland Client Event in Luzern
FIFA Direktion | Zürich Christmas dinner program with VIP from England
Planzer Transport AG Christmas dinner with 800 people. Entertainment etc.
Degrément Suez Ltd International Christmas dinner with Show programs. Overall organizations.
Gaydoul Group Switzerland Christmas dinner with Show programs and Kurt Aeschbacher
Residenz Rosenau Christmas dinner Show programs. Overall organizations.
Swissport Switzerland Ltd Client event with 1’000 people. Artist booking etc.
Swissbankers AG Incentive – Travel to Kos, Greece. 500 people. Production.
Mettler-Toledo | Urdorf VIP Event. Christmas by Night. International Top clients.
Swissport International Client event with 1’000 people. Artist booking etc.
Swissbankers AG Incentive travel to Kos, Greece. Production.
Herr K. und Frau L. Luzern Wedding Celebration. Entertainment.
AstraZeneca AG | Zug Employees -Event in Luzern. Overall organizations.
Frau F.M. aus Bern Birthday party with 150 people. Overall organizations with Show.
Abbott Products AG VIP Client event in Zurich.
WTC All Women Tennis Open | Luxembourg VIP Gala-Night with World star. October 2011
Herr und Frau M. L. | Zollikerberg Wedding celebration. Overall organizations with 200 people.
ETA Grenchen Staff event with 3000 people. Overall organizations.
Berner Kantonalbank | Bern Employees festival. 350 people. Overall organizations.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Schweiz) VIP Customer Entertainment
Novartis Schweiz AG | Basel Private festival. Entertainment
Grand Casino Baden VIP Event with “Toni Vescoli, Les Sauterelles” u.v.m.
Betterhomes Schweiz Dragon Boat with barbecue on Zurich lake
Hewlett Packard International, London Client event with Entertainment
VIP Skiclub Members Event in St. Moritz. Overall organizations
Aastra Schweiz VIP Client Event. Overall organizations. Production. Entertainment
Mercedes CSI Zürich Hallenstadion Entertainment program with “The Queen” clone.
Valitas Zürich Anniversary celebration. Entertainment program. Organization.
Helsana Schweiz Complete entertainment program etc. 1000 people.
Nord Stream International Dolder Grand Zürich Entertainment program.
ADT Innova AG, Schweiz Inauguration festivities. Conception. Catering. Entertainment
Herr K. aus Bern VIP Birthday event. Birthday organization and Superstar-Opera
Fussballclub Muri Entertainment program with Orchestra show
Planzer Transport AG, Dietikon Christmas dinner overall organization
Rosenau Residenz, Kirchberg Christmas dinner overall organization
Bruker BioSpin, Fällanden Christmas dinner overall organization
AVS International, Zug Christmas dinner overall organization
Montech AG, Derendingen Christmas dinner overall organization
Landi Nordostschweiz Basel Christmas dinner overall organization
Qualitech Schweiz Christmas dinner overall organization
VWR Schweiz AG Christmas dinner overall organization
Migros Schweiz Christmas dinner overall organization
TNT Schweiz Christmas dinner overall organization
Hallenstadion Zürich VIP Lounges “Shakira-Concert” occasion
Postfinance Schweiz Christmas dinner overall organization
Vögele Shoes Schweiz Christmas dinner overall organization
Grossfirma Bankenbranche Three-days incentive trip to Turkey with studded-star
Betterhomes AG Employees event
Grand Casino Baden VIP Concert with “Hot Chocolate” original cast.
OFAC Schweiz AG, Genève Client event with VIP Guests
AMAG Schweiz Client event in interlaken
Granelle AG, Schweiz Company entertainment program party
Vögele Shoes Schweiz Employees executive meeting. Entertainment program
Herr G.P. Moskau, Russland Birthday party on Yacht in Monte Carlo. Two World stars!
Hottinger AG, Schweiz Opening of new flower market, Berlin.
Etavis AG, Schweiz Client-Event. Entertainment program. Production.
Herr und Frau M.K. aus B. Wedding celebrations. Overall organization. Concept. Production
Swiss Economic Forum Interlaken 1000 people entertainment program
BMW (Schweiz) AG Entertainment program on the occasion of VIP-Presentation of 5 new series
Kofler Modehaus, Luzern Client event with doubles show
Visit USA Schweiz Entertainment program. Conception
AMAG Schinznach Entertainment program
Heineken Schweiz Employees event 800 people. Entertainment program etc.
Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft St. G. Employees event. Production. Concept. Overall organizations.
Mazuvo Swiss AG 2-days anniversary activities
Casino Gesellschaft Solothurn Ball night entertainment program
Universität Bern Private event with 500 people. Overall organization
Kantonale Psychiatrie, Liestal Private event 100 people. Overall organization
Zehnder Medien AG Mega-Casino-Night. Overall organizations.
ETA Grenchen Private event with 3000 employees. Overall concept and production.
Unilever Schweiz AG Christmas dinner. Overall concept and production.
Bruker Biospin, Fällanden Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program.
Eicher Bauunternehmung Watt Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program.
ABB Baden Christmas dinner. Entertainment program.
Ruf Gruppe, Zürich Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program
EPS Consulting Basel Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program.
Hasler AG, Winterthur Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program
Rehaklinik Bellikon Christmas dinner. Entertainment program
Psychiatrie Zentrum Hard, Embrach Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program
Helbling Finance AG Christmas dinner. Overall concept. Entertainment program
Lindenhofspital Bern Christmas dinner. Gospel Choir from The USA.
AMAG Schweiz AG VIP Occasion entertainment program in Bern.
Geburtstagsfeier Herr S. Entertainment program in Zurich. VIP Guest care.
Schulthess AG Client event. Overall organizations. Tent. Kunstler.
Herr G. V. Zürich 50. Birthday event. Overall organizations
Securitas Direct SA, Genève Client event. Complete entertainment program
Ufag Laboratorien Private event with 300 people. Overall organizations
Baloise Versicherungen Golf tournament with international show program
Wigra Treuhand AG Golf tournament for clients. Entertainment program
Herr und Frau F.  H. Wedding celebration. Artists booking.
Business Systems Ltd,  Wien-Oesterreich 1000 people client event. Artist booking (Superstar)
Jazzparade Fribourg Open Air The Blues Brothers Show 12 musicians live
Ringier AG Doubles Show
Pöyry Schweiz Client event. Entertainment program on ship.
KPMG Switzerland VIPO Service on the occasion of Euro 2008
Cadolino AG, Schlieren Client event. “James Bond” entertainment program.
AMAG Schweiz 60 Years anniversary. Open-door day. 10,000 people.
Einkaufszentrum Serfontana 14 days Harley Davidson Exhibition
Symantec Schweiz Golf Client Event
McOptik Schweiz AG Private event. Entertainment program
Bank Sarasin AG, Basel Client event interlaken
Petroplus AG, Zug Private occasion. Overall organizations
Raiffesien Verband Schweiz Various general meetings. Entertainment program
Suzuki Schweiz AG Dealer conference. Entertainmet program
Bosch Schweiz AG Client event. Entertainment program and infrastructure
Swatch AG, Biel Drumming Event
Schweizerische Südostbahn AG Private event. 400 People. Entertainment program
Debrunner Acifer Schweiz 50 Years anniversary. 2 days. Entertainment program
Herr und Frau F. Wedding at the Hotel Vitznau park. Entertainment program
Herr R.v.B. 50th Birthday. Overall organizations, catering, entertainment program etc.
BMW Schweiz AG VIP Client event. Entertainment elements
Der Ball ist rund, Buchs ZH Member-Organization. World Record table football.
Monday Coffee AG VIP Client Event. Overall Organizations. Entertainment program
ETA Grenchen AG Private event with 3000 people. Overall organizations
Golfclub Lipperswil Entertainment program
Optiswiss AG Basel Private event with 300 people. Overall organizations
OBI Schweiz AG Christmas dinner. Overall organizations with casino.
Bayer Schweiz AG Christmas dinner with entertainment elements.
GE Money Bank Switzerland Christmas dinner with Casino.
Fisch Asset Management Zürich Christmas dinner with entertainment elements.
Migros Basel Gundeli Christmas dinner with 200 people. Overall organization
Dipl. Ing. Fust AG Private event with 1500 people.
Lift AG Regensdorf 50 Years anniversary celebration. Overall organization. Entertainment. Catering etc.
Walo Bertschinger AG VIP client even Airport of Zurich
Jura AG Client event with doubles.
Hofgut Albführen 60. Birthday event with entertainment
Einkaufszentrum Serfontana “Get your kicks on route 66″ Exhibition
Tetora AG, Dietlikon Client event with 800 people. Entertainment program.
Galenica AG Private event with 2,000 people. Entertainment elements.
Jumbo Schweiz AG Miss Do It Yourself Election
Limmattaler Kläranlageverband, Dietikon 50 Years anniversary celebration. Overall organization
Amag Schweiz Entertainment program “Art On Ice” occasion.
Herr M. G. Luzern Birthday party. Overall organization. VIP Guest.
Einkaufszentrum Bern Boney M., The Blues Brothers, Gospelchor u.v.m.
Badenerfahrt, Baden Entertainment program with various doubles.
Watterfäscht, Watt Entertainment program with various bands.
Aura, Luzern “OROPAX” and orchestra live.
Conrad Kern AG, Sursee 150 Years anniversary celebration. Overall concept. Catering, décor, entertainment etc.
Tetora AG, Dietlikon Client event. Concept, catering, 1000 people entertainment program.
OFAC AG, Genève Client event Luzern
Fisch Asset Management, Zürich Hotel Victoria Jungfrau Interlaken Entertainment Program.
Bürgergemeinde, Basel Entertainment program. Total power.
Credit Suisse, Zürich Employees event 400 people. Event- Production and entertainment program
Emil Frey AG, Safenwil Safenwil entertainment open-day. 10’000 visitors…
Hochzeitsfeier Uto Kulm, Uetliberg Entertainment program.
Jumbo Markt, Basel Soap box race. Entertainment program.
UBS Schweiz, Zürich VIP occasion with “Best of Riverdance” from Ireland
Sparkasse Regensburg, Deutschland Employees event with entertainment program.
O.P.A. Stifung Dietiker, Zürich Open-door day. Overall organization with tent, furniture and catering.
Jumbo Maximo, Dietlikon New opening five days of action
Pathek Phillip, Genève Basel Watch and Jewelry Show. Entertainment program for VIP occasion.
ETA SwatchGroup, Grenchen Basel Watch and Jewelry Show. VIP Occasion. Concept, catering, entertainment.
Swisscom AG, Bern Motivation program. 12 events in all of Switzerland.
Jumbo Markt, Delémont Opening activities
UBS Schweiz, Zürich (37 Events) Concept and entertainment program
Einkaufszentrum Gäupark, Egerkingen Chilbi operation etc.
Perry Center, Oftringen “Route 66″ Exhibition. Concept idea and realization.
Hunkeler AG, Sursee Luzern innovation days
Manpower Schweiz, Lausanne Overall concept employees event 500 people
Arbonia AG, Arbon Swissbau Basel, entertainment program with Fun-Casino
Vescal AG, Montreux Swissbau Basel, entertainment program with Show mixer inside.
Golfclub, Lipperswil Entertainment program
Otto’s Warenposten, Sursee Employees entertainment program
Voegele Schuhe, Uznach Employees entertainment program
Museum für Kommunikation, Bern Entertainment program for client events.
Swisscom AG, Bern Entertainment program for client events.
Jumbo Markt, Suhr Opening of a new locality with various attractions.
SunneMärt, Bremgarten “Harley Davidson-Show” Exhibition.
Debrunner Acifer AG, Regensdorf Overall concept 50-Year celebration. Two days private and clients festival.
Forza Fiala, Zürich Various election meetings for Doris Fiala, FDP Zurich.
Tyco Fire AG, Näfels Zurich fair. Mix show entertainment program.
Global IT Schweiz, Niederglatt Employees event with a great Dance-Show
UBS AG, Basel und Zürich Letzigrund stadium client event. Overall concept, production, catering.
ETA SwatchGroup, Grenchen Christmas dinner 3’000 Employees (Concept, production, artist, deco, light, sound)
Dietiker AG, Regensdorf Christmas dinner, entertainment program, catering etc. Overall organizations
Jet Aviation, Zürich Christmas dinner 600 people, overall organizations, entertainment, catering
Erwin Jakober AG, Dietikon Christmas dinner. 270 people. Entertainment program, light, sound.
Adecco Schweiz, Zürich Christmas dinner 600 people. Entertainment program
Pensionskasse der Post, Bern Christmas dinner 400 people. Various artists entertainment program
GastroStar AG, Dällikon Christmas dinner. 270 people. Various artists entertainment program
EPS AG, Basel Christmas dinner. Employees event Basel. Entertainment program
Bayer AG Schweiz, Basel Christmas dinner. Employees event. Entertainment program
Post AG, Bern Christmas dinner. Employees event. Entertainment program
Toggenburger AG, Winterthur Christmas dinner. Employees event. Entertainment program, technic.
Montana Bausysteme AG, Villmergen Christmas dinner. Employees event. Entertainment program
Victor Hotz AG, Steinhausen Christmas dinner. Employees event. Entertainment program
Bosch Rexroth Schweiz AG Christmas dinner, various artists entertainment program
Bruker Biospin AG, Fällanden Christmas dinner. Entertainment program
Privatklinik Bethanien, Zürich Christmas dinner. Entertainment program