Event Drumming

We drum up your team of employees.

Conference, incentive, resort and kick-off event, marketing event: With our "drum event" you give your employee event a powerful, individual highlight that strengthens the team spirit and arouses enthusiasm. You'll be amazed at how quickly your employees turn into a grooving drum ensemble. We promise you interactive drumming fun that all participants will remember fondly! Shrill and loud!

Drum events as part of manager training have proven to be extremely revitalizing and dynamic. A loud change, where the big African drums require a good amount of physical effort.

Constructive group processes are stimulated in a playful/musical way. Listening to each other, finding and keeping your own rhythm and thus strengthening the group, as well as daring solo outbursts over the basic rhythm are essential elements of this event.

The team spirit can be heard and felt by everyone immediately if the rhythm is right! The joy of playing, power and presence promote team building in a creative way.

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