Would you like to celebrate your upcoming company Christmas dinner in a different setting? Not always in the same place like the last 10 years? And maybe the boss's speech is a bit more relaxed...

Finally another one CHOOSE YOUR WRISTBAND and a classy one entertainment? Then give us a call, we are the specialists for "casual" company Christmas parties and, above all, we know the most unusual event locations... And if you get in touch very early, we can get you in Crime dinner or our unique one Casino fun offer… Talk to us today about your plans for an unforgettable Christmas dinner…

But watch out, be sure to call now, because the trendy ones event locations and the best Artists for 2024 will soon be fully booked. The following dates are considered “very hot”: 29.11.2024 | 06.12.2024 | 13.12.2024 | December 20.12.2024, XNUMX on Fridays

Company Christmas party – a festive environment is the best way to end the year.

However, we know that Christmas events also have a positive character and contribute to good team spirit. Events such as the Christmas dinner promote team building and help to reduce the stress of everyday life.

A long-standing tradition of many companies is still booming: the traditional Christmas dinner with the whole workforce. For many - not least for you as the organizer - this means a lot of effort and the associated stress. The work involved does not take care of itself. And that is exactly where we come in. We are the professionals. We are your ideal partner and are happy to support you in your project. Don't leave anything to chance. Because ultimately, you too should be able to enjoy the event to the fullest.


A sustainable company Christmas dinner consists of various components. The first thing to do is to find the right location. We make sure that you can enjoy the evening alone and exclusively with your employees, without external disruptive factors. We know the trendy bars in your immediate vicinity, which we can book for the date of your choice. Of course, the food is excellent, the staff courteous and there is guaranteed to be a very large feel-good factor.

Furthermore, we provide the appropriate form of entertainment. This can be a good comedian, a professional band, or even an unforgettable Magic show. There are many possibilities. click here and browse through our wide range of artists. Benefit from our long-standing relationships at home and abroad.

Theme-related Christmas dinners are also very suitable: a “Las Vegas night", the exciting "gangster and crook party", our very popular "Bingo fun with Benno’ or a ‘Christmas trip around the world’ – just to name a few. The absolute highlight is ourCrime Dinner – The Original!” Our most popular and most booked form of entertainment for many years. We have our own crew of actors, which "gently" involves your employees in the events. Great fun that everyone will fondly remember for years to come. A thriller dinner can be booked all year round in German, English or French.

Treat yourself and your employees to a sustainable, entertaining Christmas meal. This motivates and definitely shows the appreciation of your company. Let's tackle the organization together. Call us or write a short email. You will receive detailed proposals immediately and without obligation. Transparent and fair.