Anastacia, incidentally an old Greek name that means something like “the risen one”, has probably chosen the meaning of her name as her motto in life.
It's clear that a lady who has a vocal volume that one would rather associate with a fat, black mama will not be fobbed off with background Schubidu and occasional dance interludes. She tries to get a record deal with songs she has written herself, but this fails not least because she does not want her artistic freedom to be restricted.

So she disregards a lot of well-intentioned advice from various producers who either want to make her the new hip-hop queen or change her singing style. It's good that Anastacia doesn't let herself be deterred and asserts her beautiful stubbornness against all odds. So it happened that in 1998 she took part in an MTV (The Cut) singing competition and was among the last ten applicants.


Anastacia can only be booked for private events.