Art Garfunkel undoubtedly has one of the most distinctive voices in pop history. Alongside his longtime partner Paul Simon, on a dozen solo albums and in countless concerts, he has enchanted millions of people over the past 45 years. The highlights in Art Garfunkel's Vita can hardly be counted. Between 1964 and 1970 he recorded a number of groundbreaking LPs with Paul Simon, including "Sound Of Silence", and "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Simon & Garfunkel became one of the most successful duos ever and created unforgettable hits like "Scarborough Fair", "Mrs. Robinson”, “I Am A Rock”, “El Condor Pasa” or “Cecilia”. After separating from Simon in 1970, the versatile artist started a second musical career as a soloist. It was no less glorious than the partnership with Paul Simon, with the best-selling albums Angel Clare, Breakaway and Watermark, as well as the hit singles I Only Have Eyes For You and Bright Eyes.


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