Baschi – the secret MusicStar…? His debut album "Baschi“ shot straight from zero to #1 in the Swiss charts. 30 albums sold brought gold, fame and the "Prix Walo" as a newcomer in 000, the most important award in Swiss showbiz. With «Gib Mer Ä Chance», the most successful dialect song of 2004 Baschi 24 weeks in the single charts.

The second hit "Somehow Hero" by the bard from Basel, who often seems unapproachable, is a cheeky one
Revelation that makes the rising music star seem more tangible song by song. Baschi seems to
know what he is doing. He doesn't pretend, talks about his life, dreams, is wide awake, never lectures,
critical and provocative bold as a projection screen
adolescent needs. His "Bring en hei" will probably be sung by thousands of fans in all Swiss football stadiums for years to come...

just appeared Baschi's fourth album. His first
Album in High German. With "On a Great Journey"
he crosses borders. And so are not only
meant territorial.