DivertiMento is a Swiss cabaret duo that presents many cabaret elements from the
Stand-up comedy to satirical song, from the
situational farce to the telling of a joke. Facial expressions, languages, word games, music and singing play a major role.

Jonny Fischer and Manu Burkart alias DivertiMento are back on stage with their new stage program «GATE 10». They have been inspiring people for 10 years
both their ever-growing audience. With "GATE 10" they tie in seamlessly with their predecessor programs
«Too much iSation» and «Plan B». With skilful facial expressions, music and funny dialogues, Jonny and Manu inspire and kidnap her in over 40 different characters
audience on their well-deserved anniversary trip. The journey starts at the airport - the multicultural place where the most diverse people meet
meeting. The audience looks pretty
overwhelmed lady at the information desk over the shoulders or watched the security check à la
DivertiMento is working. Two frustrated carrier pigeons on the airport roof lament their suffering. Two weird free jazz musicians are trying to get their salary on
Improve the «airport music harrow» and ... and ... and ... Be sure to follow the safety instructions, you might laugh!

Jonny and Manu remain true to themselves in "GATE 10" and present their fans with a variety of weird and funny characters - of course the typical ones DivertiMento-Style!