CHICO COUCHICKHI split from the Gipsy Kings a few years ago. What sounds so obvious on paper means much more to him. After all, the band was his family... still is today. CHICO is the brother-in-law of the Reyes family, the "Kings". Years ago he founded LOS REYES with them, which later changed their name to Gipsy Kings.

The music of CHICO & THE GYPSIES is in the tradition of southern French and Spanish gypsy music
settled and the musicians celebrate on the
concert stage a spirited fiesta of
guitar sounds and wistful voices. On their album "Tengo, Tengo" the instrumentation and timbre is broad, tender love songs and fiery gipsy music determine the fascinating
Basic mood of this work – guitar music from

The stage show by CHICO & THE GYPSIES is truly fantastic and there are many reasons why the success of this folklore troupe can be described as an all-time favorite. One simply notices that the musicians have a lot of fun with the stage work and that it is communicated directly to the audience.