Do you know David Broeckelmann? Not? David
Bröckelmann is one of the hottest at the moment
Comedians in Switzerland. Through his appearances at
Giaccobo/Müller on Swiss television, he has already made a name for himself.

Bröckelmann leads a new generation of parodists. He doesn't have to be at the back anymore
queue. In his second solo program, David pulls
Bröckelmann pulls out all the stops again and takes a look behind the scenes and between the details.

David Bröckelmann switches within without any problems
Fractions of a second from figure to figure. Matthias Hüppi with Hakan Yakin, Ulrich Tilgner with Pascal Couchepin, Christian Gross with Kurt Aeschbacher - Bröckelmann skilfully combines parts of Swiss celebrities and of course with a lot of wit.