If life is a dream, can't dreams also become real life? His life is a story that any Hollywood writer would have to fail with because it is far too constructed for one
credible film seems: The little boy is given away by his mother after birth, comes to foster parents, then to his grandmother. He is simply pushed back and forth by fate, loses social ties, falls down - until he becomes homeless
ends up somewhere on the street. ... Up to that historic hour when Gerry Friedle stood on a stage for the first time and music was his elixir of life
made out

Then it all happens in quick succession: overnight, Gerry Friedle becomes a superstar with DJ ÖTZI and “Anton aus Tirol” and the hit is a complete success. “Anton” was followed by the no less big hit “Hey Baby” by Gerry Friedle
The song has been performed in more than 15 countries
was released and topped the charts in England, Denmark, Germany, Austria and South Africa. DJ Ötzi was the first to reach England
Austrian Artist Platinum! With the sing-along hit "Burger Dance", Gerry Friedle immediately followed up with the third number one hit. Strange but true!