The Naseweiss duo is a great couple like Stan and Olli: quarreled, annoyed, reconciled. They offer comedy on four legs, plus unicycles and acrobatics. artistry as art. With much emotion. Breathtakingly fast, beyond daring, and constantly funny. In addition, a linguistic joke that has it all. Charming and relaxed, and always deadly dangerous.
The two are in a class of their own and make comedy with class. Impromptu at its finest. In excellent
Quality that has already convinced many an award jury. This is unique, constantly tested by the audience and sticks with everyone
compared to media spirits. Live is always better. This is how every event, whether gala or
Company party to experience. Because the two friends enjoy playing and welcome their audience into the duo without hesitation.

No performance without an encore. The third man has a good laugh. He doesn't have a dry eye.