With their globally unique illusions, they made guest appearances Ehrlich Brothers around the world. Even David Copperfield has been calling the Magic Brothers for performance rights to their feats. They have received 13 awards for their artistic work so far. Andreas: "Far too often, people's dreams fall victim to everyday life - but in our show miracles come true." For example, viewers experience the brothers unleashing a magical snowstorm on stage or appearing with a Harley Davidson out of a flat iPad. They have become known worldwide for their illusion, in which they bend steel rails with their bare hands.

The effort involved in their production is reminiscent of the big Las Vegas show by Siegfried & Roy. Just to transport the illusion props, the crew of the Ehrlich Brothers at the premiere with six trucks, laid 38 kilometers of cable and ignited over 500 special effects. For their last television production, they got the director on board who directed the Helene Fischer tour show. Your lighting designers were responsible for the TV formats "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and "Let's dance".

The Ehrlich Brothers can only be booked for private parties.