The first general uncertainty heard
undisputedly one of the bands with the best puns in the German-speaking world. However, anyone who locates the combo only in the slapstick corner is doing them an injustice.

In 1977, the Austrian group was still trading under the name “Antipasta” in Vienna, so as not to unsettle the world for the time being. The actual founding of the “First General Uncertainty” comes about
after Nino Holm the “killer guitarist, den
fastest in the world”. Unfortunately has
At this point, Thomas Spitzer had not held a guitar in his hand for seven years. Spitzer and Holm often discuss founding a rock comix band beforehand, but only by merging with the rest
"Antipasta" cast, the idea is put into practice with singer Klaus Eberhartinger. 1985/1986 followed with "Ba-Ba-Banküberfall" the big breakthrough with many follow-up hits throughout Europe.