Francine Jordi had her first when she was 10 years old
stage performance. Mostly she sang at tourist
Events at the Spycher in Interlaken. With their
Sister Nicole sang her in the formation “Gospel Four”. She studied at the conservatory in Neuchâtel
singing and piano.

In 1998 she took part in the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1998 with the title Das Feuer der Sehnsucht for Switzerland and won. On her CD, released in 2004, she sings a duet with the dialect singer Florian Ast entitled "Träne". This title has already earned the two a platinum record in Switzerland and reached second place on the television show "Die biggest Schweizer Hits".

In 2009, together with the “Jodlerclub
Wiesenberg” platinum for more than 30 sold
Units of the single CD “Das Feyr vo dr Sehnsucht”…