Our most booked magic show

Gone are the days when grizzled men pulled the rabbit out of the hat. No more hackneyed gags and tricks. Fake Las Vegas poses are missing from Frank Borton as well as mica boxes with false bottoms. Here you will see magic to make you laugh and be amazed. With a wink and a little self-mockery, the guests present become stars and take an active part in the events. You will see amazing magic combined with comedy and wit.

The young form of magic - called "Close-Up" - comes from the USA. It's the casual, easy-going art of deception, surrounded and in the middle of the audience. Frank Borton really shows this art up close, right in front of the amazed onlookers. Here you can watch the master very closely. Coins that dissolve, balls that come out of your ears
appear and stuffed animals that multiply…