Gölä released his debut album "Uf u dervo" in 1998 and wrote music history in Switzerland: The album sold around 280 copies, stayed in the charts for over 000 years and triggered a veritable boom in dialect. By 2 he produced five
dialect albums, won numerous prizes (including World
Music Award for Best Selling Swiss Artist, Prix Walo).

"... never more dialect" announced Gölä and
bid farewell in 2002, with two sold out
concerts in Zurich's Hallenstadion (24 spectators) by his dialect fans. In the future he only wanted to concentrate on his original passion. And this was rock music in English since his youth.

In the seven years that Gölä didn't release a dialect album, he still wrote a song in Bern German every now and then. This resulted in a thick book and the best songs from it led to the album "Z'Läbe fägt". In 2012 he comes straight away with one sung in dialect
Double album “Ängu and Demons” and went straight to number 1 in the CH charts.