Linaz is dated pantomime, clowning and acrobatics
finest. Linaz conducts the audience from the first
Instantly through his varied mime play, comments on his coughing and blowing his nose with outrageous openness and provokes laughter without end through rolling eyebrows and tongue sticking out. Linaz races from short story to short story at high speed. He's the showman to be
welcomes the audience at times boldly, at times shyly, at breakneck speed and once in slow motion. He breakdances on a family yoghurt, struggles with the unbelievable pitfalls of a roll of adhesive tape and tears glasses and fish out of newspaper in no time at all - not a dry eye stays! In his performances he combines juggling, pastiche, artistry and pantomime at breathtaking speed and with great dramaturgy.

He is undisputedly one of the best in his field. Every viewer will quickly convince himself of this. You can watch him for hours and exhaust yourself in the first few minutes!