A young talent. Great voice. Amazing appearance. Linda Teodosiu has everything she needs to prototype a
pop stars makes. And there is also a special trump card up its sleeve: it convinces with a refreshing individuality. No wonder, then, that according to her
Participation in the fifth season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" the phones didn't stand still. Everyone was keen to work with the 17-year-old and even Germany's flagship singer Xavier Naidoo was suddenly personally on the phone to give her his highest praise.

The first single “Love Sux” impressively shows where the musical journey should go. Powerful, edgy pop with a pinch of electro. Linda presents herself as versatile and changeable on her album, but always remains absolutely authentic. In addition to "Love Sux", the cheeky challenge to all unfaithful boys, the clubby and extremely catchy "Alien" also impressively proves that you don't have to be born across the pond to convince with a cheeky and sexy sound.