Michael Mittermeier has been on the road for 20 years. And once you've experienced it, you hope to be
at least another 20 years. The co-inventor of German stand-up comedy keeps setting new standards. Mittermeier chats about the sewing box of being a comedian, and faster than we can laugh, the sewing box turns out to be a shop window to the world, and we find ourselves in the middle of one
Adventure journey of the diaphragm.

Safari is the name of his new program and the mixture tastes better than ever. Because Safari is a new step. Wild gestures merge seamlessly into relaxed narratives, interactions with the audience become excursions into undiscovered areas of stand-up comedy. Here you see a comedian who combines experience and curiosity in such a fun way that you can
bursts into his every adventure, screaming with laughter at Tarzan.