In Belgium and the Netherlands is Jonathan
Vandenbroeck alias Milow has been extreme since 2007
successful. It took a while for his
Qualities had also gotten around in the rest of Europe. With the single Ayo Technology, one wonderful
inspired cover version of the 50 Cent song of the same name, the singer and songwriter advanced to become one of the most successful newcomers of the year.

Milow makes himself and them also in the eighties
Born at the heart of his melodic pop songs. Blunt, even sobering up
the philosophy of the mid-twenties seems pessimistic. In “You don't know”, the title that gave him his breakthrough two years ago, he immediately makes it clear that he has given up dreaming. With "The Priest" one almost has to do with hopelessness: "I've seen enough, that's why I know / God left this place a long time ago." While Born In The Eighties is a less somber look at the past and future of his generation, skepticism is pervasive.