Their songs are called "Ku-Ku-Jodel" or "Die Jodelsprache", "Frech-Frisch-Jodlerisch" is the title of the current one
Albums by the (most) musical Swiss family, which sells thousands of CDs at home and abroad and always has millions of viewers on television
excited; they are young, humble, and gifted
successful - and that transcends national and style borders: Oesch's the third stand for almost everything, and above all for one thing: folk music is music from the heart!

One of the family secrets from the Berner
Oberland is probably the cross-generational composition of the formation: there are three
Young people - Melanie (*1987), Mike (*1989) and Kevin (*1990) - together with their parents on stage and make Swiss folk music as if that were it
most natural in the world.

A moment with Oesch's and the spark has jumped. There is enthusiasm, there is joy, there is
Passion. The family ensemble stands on stage and is contagiously cheerful and the audience lets itself be carried away. Because nobody can tear themselves away from this natural happiness.