At Circus Knie they were the big winners. At "Art On Ice" the mega running gag. Laugh until the abdominal muscles strike! These are earplugs.

The square has been squared, the orphans' tartar has been removed, and the Holy Grail is dangling from the rear-view mirror of the touring vehicle... The new OROPAX show has been unleashed! A spectator comes too late, but is still too early for that. How can that be? Those who arrive later arrive just in time... Has time given up the fight against chaos?

Full of wit and spontaneity, the new show is a jam-packed mason jar of the imagination. However, without a lid: Inside is a sweet and sour, slightly bitter conspiracy compote.

Between impending overthrow and spontaneous ones
Twists sparkle the noblest ingredients of futility. Royal bullshit becomes Chaos Royal.