Over 80 million records sold, that is the proud record that Roland Kaiser can present. 30 years
continuous career, 30 years for the music and for the fans.

At the beginning of '77, Roland Kaiser didn't want to give up his freedom and spent 10 weeks in the hit lists of the most played radio titles with "Zieh mit dem Wind" before he finally made it onto the charts in November with "Sieben Fässer(n) Wein". It followed hit after hit, 1978 “Amore Mio”, 1979 “Chess Matt”, “Santa Maria”, which was No. 1980 for 5 weeks in 1 and even became No. 2 in the hit of the year evaluation, “Love 'me one last time' and 'loving you' in 1981.

You can't list them all, but you can sing along, just hearing the name: "The most pious can't live in peace", "Joana", "Midnight Lady" "I think it's starting again", “Wind on your skin and Lisa”, “Your life sentence”.