Alan Parsons was the Beatles' sound engineer at Abbey Road Studios and worked there on the last few of their albums. Later he worked with the Wings and was on Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon
Sound engineer and producer involved.

His production work is considered a crucial factor in the success of these albums. In 1974, Parsons wanted to make his talent "more visible". He founded The Alan Parsons Project with Eric Woolfson. This came out in 1976
first album "Tales of Mystery and Imagination".

More albums followed, usually around one
central theme were designed. From 1981 the style evolved away from concept albums towards more loosely thematically structured song collections. With the unexpected success of the song "Eye In The Sky" which became a Top 10 hit. The album "Eye In The Sky" is also one of the first albums worldwide to be completely with
recorded using digital technology.