The motto of The Lonely Boyz is short and clear:
Reduce to the Max! Three lonely hearts, three acoustic instruments, a sack full of hits and let the party begin!
As they journey through rock and pop history, The Lonely Boyz collect the best songs from the
Beatles, Elvis, The Police etc. (and a few
illuminated letters) run along. With their crisp line-up of acoustic guitar, double bass, drums and two voices, they rock every audience to the max

The Lonely Boyz are a true example of the
extinct species "band". They know each other from Sandpile and have been smoking niels together since primary school. Far away from casting shows and music star juries, they spent days in moldy old ones with a lot of sweat and passion
Locked up in band rooms to discover the magic of rock'n'roll. Now they are there. With a new show that makes every party an absolute highlight
can be.