Glenn Miller's musical legacy continues to this day. In 1978 the orchestra leader Wil Salden began his Glenn Miller studies. Wil Salden adopted Glenn Miller's patent recipe: "It is the dream of every band leader or arranger to create a new sound that is recognizable from the first bars." Wil Salden adopted this little stroke of genius when building up his orchestra. Here the typical sound is based on two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones and a clarinet. Rumor has it that the Miller sound came about by accident. During a performance, the first trumpeter is said to have injured his lip, so that the clarinet had to take over the trumpet part - the Miller sound was born.

With the program "The Very Best Of Swing", Wil Salden and his top ensemble, consisting of confident instrumentalists and soloists, want to bring back memories of swing history from 1940 to the 70s and 80s. Glenn Miller would have included and played this music in his repertoire if he hadn't died on the flight from London to Paris in 1944.