Surprise your guests with a very special appearance. Victor comes as a management consultant
Giacobbo at your event and holds something
other welcome speech…
Victor Giacobbo is best known as moderator and co-author of the satirical programs Viktors Programm (1990-1994) and Viktors Spätprogramm (1995-2002) on Swiss television, in which he often portrayed his fictional characters such as Harry Hasler, Debbie Mötteli, Fredi Hinz and Erwin Bischofberger let appear. He often moderated in the guise of some of these characters

In the 2006 season he toured as a guest star with the Swiss national circus Knie. Since January 2008 he has been doing a satirical weekly review for SF 1 with Mike Müller under the title Giacobbo/Müller. Late Service public, which is broadcast later on Sunday evening.