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Sports simulators: simulators, sports and action…

In 2015/2016, as you are used to from us, we will again have a lot of new simulators from all over the world in our program!
We can now offer over 500, which is unique in the field of event equipment rental. Our offer turns your event into an experience that your guests will not forget. Put your
Company successful in scene!

Top News !

We have everything for the upcoming football
World Cup in Brazil. ShowConnection has set a world record and appears in the
Edition of the “Guinness Book Of World Records”… We have the longest “Toggeli box” built in the world with a length of 32 meters. An incredible 104 people can play on it...!!!
Feel free to ask us about the latest sports
simulators. If we do not have a device in our range, it is usually not a problem for us to obtain it.

Spinning giant football…


Spinning giant football (shooting a goal), skateboard simulators, golf simulators - general simulators, sumo wrestling (fun action suits), children's railways on rails, giant air slides / giant slides, Hau-den-Lukas (for children), wagons with
Candy floss machine / candy floss stand, laughing mirror / distorting mirror cabinet,
Christmas markets (themed decoration), bullriding / rodeo riding, - general carousels, throwing games / can throwing stands, shooting galleries, wheel of fortune / wheels of fortune, spider web (velcro wall),
Climbing wall / climbing walls, surf simulators, pedalos, children's Ferris wheels, ski jumping
Simulators, golf simulators, popcorn carts / popcorn stand, mobile ice rinks / ice rinks / rental ice rinks, crossbow shooting (mobile shooting range), gladiator game / gladiators (fun action suits), ski jumping simulators, face painting, fairground organs /
Concert organs, - general fun action suits, mountain bike simulators / bicycle simulator / bike simulator, - general simulators, - general
Fun sport event modules / game modules /
Experience modules / action modules, - gen.
Children's play modules / play landscapes, - general children's play equipment / games for children,
Chain carousels, slot machines / pinball machines, foosball / table football / table soccer, - in general.
scores, wax hands / wax hand,
Racing car simulators / Formula 1 simulators, mountain bike simulators / bicycle simulator / bike simulator, button machines, snowboard simulators, skateboard simulators, aerotrim / space trainer / astro trainer, circus fences / beer garden fences / wooden fences, nostalgic market wagons / fixed carts, Las Vegas Night (topics decoration), Bavarian festivals / Bavarian Olympics, - general market stalls / sales stalls / hospitality stalls, milking competition (cow dummy), whirlwind boxes, cash box / bingo box, music boxes / juke boxes, ice cream truck / ice cream stalls, nostalgia fair / market stalls, swing boats / Children's swing boats, nostalgic carousels, Christmas markets / fairs, billiard tables, looping bikes / bicycle rollover, car racing track / Carrera racing track (for adults) / Carrera track, one-armed bandits / slot machines, casino gaming tables / roulette gaming tables (including croupier), climbing rocks / climbing mountains / climbing tower / climbing wall, children's bumper cars / mini scooters, Ferris wheels, Hau-den-Lukas, R iesenkicker / human kicker / human table soccer / mega kicker (human. table football) / human kicker / XXL-kicker, giant bouncy castles (game landscape) / giant air castles, bungee trampolines, bungy trampolines, bungee trampolines, bungee trampolines, bouncy castles / bouncy castles / hopse castles / air castles / bouncy castle / hopse castle / air castle / spring castle / bouncy castle, bungee Run, Bungy-Run, Human-Actionball / Rollerball / Zorb / Powerball (person in a ball), train on wheels / city tracks, - general water play equipment, surfing simulators, racing car simulators / Formula 1 simulators, motorbike simulators, children's motorbikes / children's motorbike tracks, Ice Hockey-
Simulators, snowboard simulators, children's carousels, western festivals (themed event), Caribbean festivals / Caribbean festivals, raffle drums / lottery pigs / raffle booths, play mobiles (games for outside), children's railways on rails, etc.