Team fox hunting

Team fox hunting. The most exciting team event.

crack codes. Solve riddles. find tracks. On land, on water, all over the area. This is the team fox hunt. The most amazing way to discover a specific environment. Thousands have hunted the fox. Nobody ever caught him. But everyone had a lot of fun. Now it is your turn!

This fox hunt is the most exciting scavenger hunt in Switzerland, in which you constantly have to think outside the box as a team. Because the fox does everything to ensure that every one of its tracks remains undiscovered across six different Swiss regions. In order to stay on his trail you have to solve many tricky and technically amazing tasks.

No matter which trail you follow, fox hunting is different every time. And every time, the cunning animal manages to make the employees' hair grow gray with its enigmatic clues and messages. Great fun and team building at the same time.

Team_Fox Hunt