Team Cooking

The very special cooking event.

With Team Cooking, you and your employees will be challenged and have a lot of fun. As a group, you decide when, what and what quality is served. Don't worry, the experts are there to defuse any tricky situation. Our cooking events take place all over Switzerland under the direction of Benno Lagler. Tell us your region and we will come to the location of your choice with our highly motivated crew.

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At the aperitif you will receive a brief introduction and you will be dressed. Four groups each prepare a culinary course. The competition is in full swing: who will be the next Paul Bocuse? Enjoy your menu with a glass of wine, which is expertly introduced. Hard-working helpers take care of the dishes while you enjoy your self-prepared dinner. As a lasting memory you will receive all photos on a DVD and of course the recipes of the dishes cooked.

Vitol New Year Party Jan 2012
Team Cooking3
Team Cooking3

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