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Do you remember the movie A Corpse for Dessert with Alec Guinness and David Niven? In this 1976 comedy, the most famous detectives are invited to a remote castle. A murder occurs at dinner, and from then on everyone is busy investigating. Of course nobody is allowed to leave the castle, because one of them could be the murderer. But what is his or her motive? And where and how was it murdered?

This is exactly how a murder mystery dinner works. Guests enjoy an excellent menu while being drawn into a thrilling murder story in which they can play detective themselves. This creates a cozy evening that can be enjoyed with all your senses and that you won't soon forget. Who guesses the right murderer or murderess..?


Particularly suitable for company Christmas dinners. But watch out. In 2023, the following dates are usually fully booked very quickly:

Friday, November 24 | Friday 01 December | Friday 08 December and Friday 15 December 2023.

Our tip: Since none of us know how Corona will behave in winter 2023, we simply advise you to move your Christmas dinner to the summer months. We can easily play a murder mystery dinner in the open air or on a beautiful terrace by the lake.

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Our murder mystery dinners have been very popular for many years. We have our own professional team of actors, props, documents, etc. Our own authors ensure exciting, funny stories. Book the original!

A crime dinner by ShowConnection offers you exciting entertainment at the highest level. Professional interpreters, contemporary costumes and always the right decoration are part of our extensive range.


Scotland Yard Inspector Lestrade needs your guests' help tonight to solve a curious murder of an eccentric Scottish lord. The task is to roll up the case again and find the culprit through clever combinations.

This crime dinner requires the active support of the guests present. Not only are the circumstances of the murder and the crime scene recreated, some of your guests will also slip into the roles of the suspects. Equipped with various costume accessories, they put their statements on record. Great fun and exciting entertainment are guaranteed!


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