Maik is a cardsharp - the most honest cardsharper in the world. If you are at the black jack table its mobile
When you take a seat in the casino, the first thing he does is give you a few chips.
But it soon becomes clear that winning here has nothing to do with luck. But don't worry: even losing has never been so much fun!

Fine humor and the spontaneous, entertaining dialogues with the audience spread a good mood. A cluster of guests quickly forms around the gaming table and observes how the other players seem to be dependent on the dealer's favour. Word quickly gets around that it is worth keeping a close eye on the cardsharp.

The cardsharp has mastered his craft
impressive way. Cards become artistic
shuffled, swished through the air... and yet another blackjack was dealt! And then another ace up your sleeve - magic at close range - tokens change places in a flash - cards turn into the
Hands of fellow players and banknotes multiply between the fingertips. The cardsharp uses every trick in the book to ensure a good mood and, of course, winnings on demand.