"From "U2" to yodelling, from "Verdi" to "Rod Stewart", from swing to the "Jackson 5": a-live offers you everything your musical heart desires. With her new
A hammer program of musical super hits and a good pinch of humor has been delighting audiences at home and abroad for years.
The diverse show is underlined by the
Multinationality of the a-live guys. Learn the
“Acappella stars” (“Blick”) know: Jon Colbath (the funny American), Francesco Saraceno (the powerful-voiced “Italian Stallion” from Rome), Dani Lüdi (the lively Lucerne native), Stephan Schaberl (the confused Austrian), Marco Kunz (the young hotspur from Lucerne) and
Christian Ertl (the rock voice from Germany).

With their new show “still different”, a-live builds on the successes of past tours. The many
Standing ovations not only touched the boys, they also took it upon themselves to present their audience again this year with a new one
Hammer program to inspire again.