artistic comedy

"Chapeau" presents a sparkling intermezzo of artistic and comedic excellence. Thanks to eloquent moderation and unusual comedy, Stefan and Gerhard bring together juggling, high-wheel artistry, fiery and magical things. Chapeau Bas creates an impressive living memorial for special occasions.

The dramaturgy of coincidences combines top-class artistry with unlimited spontaneity in the show - a pleasure to watch and get involved! "Chapeau" also discovers previously unrecognized show talents among the guests and spectators...


“Chapeau” puts concentrated energy into the fire show. Let yourself be drawn into this fascinating world and the magical spell of fire. Breathtaking effects through fast-paced torch juggling, the virtuosic dance of the artists with the flames: an unforgettable experience.


The stilt walkers from "Chapeau" are an outstanding event even in the densest crowd. As a versatile crowd puller, they communicate charmingly and creatively animate your guests. With a large sleight of hand repertoire, colorful modeling balloons or the magic pen, the artists create magical encounters and lasting memories.