Known from the “Cirque de Soleil”…!

Not much is known about Christian's past. The man who looks in the pockets of others - does not like to be seen through himself. “As teenagers we had the sporting challenge of secretly stealing each other’s watches, addicted to finding the best and fastest method.” With sleight of hand he kept his head above water on the streets of Gran Canaria, Paris and Barcelona.

There he observed and learned the techniques of street thieves and con artists. He was fascinated by their skill, distraction and dexterity. During these years he studied the people in subways, shopping streets, in museums and cafés and analyzed their preferences in terms of wearing watches, belts and wallets - and was no longer stoppable...

Fortunately, friends persuaded him to present his skills on stage in good time. For many years he has been part of the ensemble of "Cirque Du Soleil" and tours around the world. Christian is a highlight of every event.