Experience a spirited and breathtaking gospel show in a class of its own. With the "Original Jewel Gospel Singers" no spectator sits quietly in his seat. With songs like: “Joshua fit the battle”, “Nobody knows”, “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”, “Go down Moses”, “Hail Mary”, “Down by the riverside”, “Oh happy day”, "Swing low sweet chariot", "I got shoes", "Go tell it on the mountain", "His eyes on the sparrow", "I will sing Hallelujah" and especially during the Advent season with many well-known Christmas carols.

The black gospel group around the well-known soul singer "Pamela O'Neal" from California brings the original feeling of black gospel culture authentically close and tells its story.

From inception to the present day, from Mahalia Jackson to James Cleveland, from the Caribbean influence to the Christmas story. The ensemble includes selected top performers and outstanding solo singers, who offer everything that makes gospel so beautiful and unique in a one to two-hour program.