Lipa sings loud, passionate, high, melancholic, whispering, emotional, deep, moving, delicate, free, authentic, loving and always one hundred percent. Her life is an exciting journey through different countries, languages ​​and professions. After studying physics, she decided to devote herself completely to her true passion, music. She is not only on stage as a live artist, she also lends her voice to studio productions.

Stylistically, Lipa has always followed her heart, always open to new and inspiring things. This is how she comes up with different musical styles such as soul, funk, pop, jazz and even Spanish folk music. This flexibility is reflected in their singing. Lipa's versatile, unique voice allows her to interpret effortlessly and with feeling. Anyone who experiences Lipa live will be touched deep in the soul and filled with energy, passion and beauty.

  1. 1Joy Springlipa
  2. 2One Note Sambalipa
  3. 3Kiss Me a lotlipa