It happened on a snowy Monday in February 1972, at three in the morning. In a stable somewhere in Switzerland a child was born.

After 48 hours of pushing labor, the mother was overjoyed to have given birth to a healthy baby. Your first question was what is it? And the donkey replied... a shorty!

This was the beginning of an incredible success story, from screamer to teacher scare to pimply teenager, and always listening to the father's words: "Don't be the clown!" After ten years and just as many different professions, he has now found his purpose.

A story-telling, magician with a license for nonsense, also called "Natural Born Entertainer".

Imagine you are sitting comfortably at a table chatting with friends, then a stocky, oddly dressed man comes up to you and asks, "Would you like to draw a card?" The first thing that pops into your head is of course: NO! Now we humans are polite and say. "YES, that would be cool." And before you know it, your table is transformed into a small stage.

Whether coins, cards, spoons or napkins, everything is misused. Things are going haywire, the laws of physics no longer seem to apply. After a few minutes of amazement, the spook is over and the small but mighty man is gone again.