Wherever the band around bandleader Günter Sigl is on stage: three or four numbers and things really get going. Pure party power - made in Bavaria!

"Scandal in the restricted area", "Schickeria", "Where are you?" and much more

The Spider Murphy Gang is still around. And not only that - it's better than ever. It's been more than 25 years since hits like "Skandal im Sperrgebiet" were released - but the band's live concerts are still gripping performances by an excellent band that has rock 'n roll in their blood - and in their fingers.

Anyone who has only known the Spider Murphy Gang from their records should definitely go to one of the band's many gigs: the guitars rock, the piano rolls in the best boogie manner and the whole band exudes joy of playing and a good mood, that no one would think of having veterans from the eighties in front of them.

After a long band history, many successes, minor setbacks and some unavoidable line-up changes, the Spider Murphy Gang has arrived where Günther and Barny always dreamed of when they were young: on stage, sweating and fully occupied with giving the audience a hearty rock' to serve n roll party.