Walt Disney's "The Lion King" tells the story of the eternal cycle of life anew with the fable of the lion king "Simba". It is about fear and happiness, love and responsibility towards others, growing up and finding your own place in life.

In the midst of the colorful world of Africa, where the animals live together in peace in the domain of Mufasa, the lion king, the little lion cub Simba grows up. His high spirits and his impatience to finally grow up spur Simba on to tests of courage and daring excursions with his girlfriend, the young lioness Nala.

But the harmony is overshadowed by the jealousy and thirst for power of Scar, King Mufasa's brother.

Excerpts from the successful musical have been specially designed for company events. An extremely colorful and musical journey to Africa with the great hits of "Elton John".