Just let “Erwin” do it. With him, your guests are in magical hands. Erwin Baumann gets up close and makes the viewer a participator. Its filigree technique causes eyes to rotate and vocal cords to ecstasy.

Erwin Baumann is a walking aha effect. He subtly steps out of line. He juggles words and deeds. He is absolutely stubborn and incredibly flexible. He reinvents himself again and again without becoming unfaithful to himself. He
welcomes guests as a fake organizer or delivers an inspiring speech as a wannabe board member. His performances provoke question marks and laugh lines across the square meter. Erwin Baumann aka Tom Davis is the award-winning master of improvisation.

He entertains himself from table to table and doesn't leave a dime behind. The professional
By the way, laughing muscle masseur enchants in German, Dutch, English or French.

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